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Friends In Low Places 

Suki's chronometer chimed and she smiled, as the car pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. 

She had been waiting for this moment for a long, long while.

Scorpio had noticed a gradual change in Suki. The school uniform and the flirtatious nature she was going through all morning. He didn't know what love was, but he was starting to feel like it. 

"You know this isn't going to a prom," Scorpio interjected.

"It's a reunion," Suki shot back with an added wink. "He's someone I haven't seen in years and never expected to see again." 

Scorpio had backed into a parking spot, and he turned off the car. Then he turned to see Max and he recognized the man behind him.

"Crap," Scorpio said as the life began to drain from his face. 

"What is it?" Suki inquired.

"That's Light beside him," Scorpio said. "The agency has him on a potential recruitment list."