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Vipers In Glass

The setting sun was reflecting off the tower's black glass. Giving the structure a more ominous tone, and that was the effect the designers had wanted. To look pleasing but menacing as well. It was a huge structural beauty in the downtown core sector. 

It was a holiday, which meant that ninety percent of businesses were closed. So the downtown core was not busy. Sure, the city didn't rest, but on ritual days the white cells liked to chill down for a bit.

Logollos stood at the window, his hands clasped behind his back. He was surveying the city. He had over two dozen cell teams out there, waiting for whenever things began. His eyes bloodshot, his hair slightly disheveled, he looked like an anti-superman. 

"You think they are that stupid to do a full frontal assault?" the woman asked.

"They are," Logollos said. "They have no other option." 

"What makes you so sure?" the woman questioned.

"Phase Three begins at Midnight tonight," Logollos answered. "And all Hell is going to break loose one way or another."