Current Transmissions:



Like Glitches Through Time

Suki stepped out of the shower to answer the cellphone as soon as it rang. Not bothering to dry off, she didn't even give the phone a chance to ring a second time. 

"Ms. Fujimoria?" a female asked at the other end.

"Suki," she replied. 

"You don't know me but I think we have a common interest here," the woman on the other end said. "We have a mutual friend."

Suki walked from the bathroom and into the motel room. Past the single bed with the clothes she had lain out for today. A white blouse, a long black thin tie and a plaid-like skirt. All the shirt was was missing was the name of a school on the upper right side. 

"Have you seen Max?" Suki asked.

"No," said Riveta. "But he brought us into the game."