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Suki inhaled the cold night air. The sweat chilled on her body. 

Donnelly smiled. "You know that was actually really fun." Scorpio had a tipsy smirk on his face. At least three women had asked for his phone number inside. He patted Donnelly on the shoulder. Donnelly returned the gesture, then looked over to Suki. She was already heading to the parking lot.

"Are you alright to drive?" he asked. He and Scorpio had both had a few drinks. He wasn't sure if Suki had. 

Scorpio checked his watch. "Man, we were in there for hours."

Suki turned back to face the reverend. She looked serious. "Father... Do you remember Mayganne?" 

Donnelly paused. His mind went suddenly quiet. "Of course, young Mayganne..." Suki watched him closely. Something inside the reverend changed, like an eclipse. And he remembered. "Oh god, the poor girl... The fire..." Tears flooded his eyes. "Oh dear Lord, all of them... In the fire..."

He stumbled. Scorpio caught him. Donnelly suddenly looked old and frail. 

"How could I forget?" his voice was high and strained. "Dear God.. Hank and Susanna... Amber, Janice... Jo and Milligan. They're all dead."

Suki moved closer to him. She glanced at Scorpio; he looked sad. "I'm sorry, Father," she said. He was sobbing now. She gently reached up and tilted his face towards hers. "Father... Do you remember Max?" 

Donnelly looked confused. Trying to tread water in a tsunami. "I don't... I'm sorry... Oh God..." And he was crying again.

Suki helped Scorpio lead him to a bench. He slumped down, broken by sorrow; he didn't react when Suki fished the handgun out of his coat pocket. She tucked it in her waistband. 

Scorpio looked at her. His voice quiet. "So it worked."