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Portal Protocol

"And what is that?" Tatterdemalion asked, her voice echoing in the chamber.

"It's the Metaplex, represented as a four-dimensional object. That's why it appears to change shape over time but still retain cohesion."

"It hurts my head, looking at it."

"It's even worse when you are inside it. Don't you remember?"

Tatter stared at the pulsing, morphing substance hovering in the centre of the room. The colour changed, sometimes shiny, others muted.

"It's like a strange attractor..." Tatter whispered.

"Well, it most certainly attracts the strange. You'll observe three recurring patterns on the sides of the object. Interacting with it at each of these will produce a different experience."

Pattern One: Fragments

Pattern Two: Iteration

Pattern Three: Crisis

Tatter squinted. "I... I think I see a fourth pattern..."