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Back In Town

Logollos was in the car when his cellphone chirped in. He answered it. He had been getting updates on the situation at hand. 

A Cleaning Roster had perished. They were taken out, and reports had come in that it wasn't Agent Light.

Even before the police had been alerted, Simon's apartment was immaculate. Not even a cup out of place. 

The other bad news concerned Detective Stone. Two of their men were found dead, heads beaten by a tire iron, and now the cops were sniffing around the door. There was no clean-up that could get to it, so now he had to work his magick. To chat with the press. They were sniffing around like jackals.

He nodded on the phone as the person on the other end was relaying more information and details. Logollos sneered. 

"Yes, I think it has gone too far," Logollos said. "I think it's time to call in our markers."