Current Transmissions:


Interesting Persons

"And now the character that always reminded me of the Professor is actually undercover as a professor... Oh, and their new base of operations is a subway!" Angst said.

"That's cool," Goner said. 

"No," Suki frowned. "It means reality is ripping us off."

Angst smirked.

Aqua said, "I think it's more synchronicites, like Max talks about. It was like watching all the stuff with Sam and Dean and Castiel and Crowley and how much it was like when we learned about the version of Maggie that's Magriel and Lucy and all that stuff."

Frank's voice came in over the comm, "Tangos incoming. Keep it down or you're going to get our show cancelled."


Season Finale Style

"So what time does the portal open?" Max shouted over the sound of gunfire.

"In approximately seven to ten minutes," the Professor's voice replied on the earbud.

"And when does the bomb go off?" Mags shouted as the bullets chewed up the edges of their cover.

"In approximately seven to ten minutes," the Professor said.

Max and Maggie looked at each other, shaking their heads and smiling.


Spacetime Flies When You're

Max nestled his head in the pillow as Mags reached over and switched off the bedside lamp. "Night sweetie," she said.

Max murmured back to her and felt sleep drag him down quick.

He opened his eyes and was inside a tent, dawn light faint through the fabric, the smell of gunpowder and trees, howls and shouts getting closer.

Max ran through a mantra designed to confirm that he wasn't dreaming. Checked his chronometer; it had only been seven minutes since he had gotten into bed.

"Bugger," he said to himself.


Just When You Thought

"Yes we will!" Angst shouted, finishing her cheer and spraying bullets from her twin uzis into the swarm of spectres that surrounded them. 

Max felt a sharp impact in his side and suddenly his t-shirt was soaked with blood.

Maggie dodged under a swipe from one of the shadowy claws and her katana flashed upwards in a counterstrike.

Max winced as a gash appeared on his bicep.

Angst kept spinning and firing and another hole tore open in Max's leg. Maggie straightened out of a combat role, growling, and thrust into another demon. Max grunted as a wound punctured his shoulder.

"Dammit," he whispered as he dropped to one knee.

Maggie saw him go down and noticed the injuries that had appeared on his body.

"Defense only, Angst!" she shouted. "We're in a Hex Warp!"


The Persistence of Presence

"It's been going on six days straight," Summer sighed.

A gust of wind made the steady downpour bend to a 45 degree angle, then it returned to falling straight down.

Aqua watched water drip from the brim of her cowboy hat. 

Summer shivered. "Isn't there something we could do? Maybe that's why we are here, to figure out how to make it stop? Isn't that how this works?"

Aqua watched the crowds of miserable people scurrying in the heavy rain. She said, "I think I saw an umbrella store a few blocks from here, yesterday. Based on the signs in the window it looked like they had raised their prices a few days back. Bet they don't have much of a security system..."

Aqua winked and Summer smiled.