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The Alpha Move

Logollos was more than just sweating, he was anxiously waiting for the snake to show itself and be skinned once and for all. 

There was silence. Too quiet. Even though the squads about were trained professionals they were getting antsy as well. Having been alerted to a potential threat they had been on high energy, and nothing resulting from it

"Only two more hours to go?" the woman asked. "Are you sure they will be here?" 

"Yes," Logollos said. "They are playing the waiting game."

"Don't you think that's a foolish move on their part?" the woman inquired. She butted out a cigarette in an ashtray, there were two dozen butts there already. "This is a childish last desperate act, isn't it?" 

Logollos chuckled to himself, and then his eyes widened with realization.