Current Transmissions:



Left Behind

Father Donnelly awoke to the sound of a car pulling away. His first reaction was panic, he sat up and looked around. 

"Mother?" the words slipped over his lips. Of course Mother wouldn't be here, she would be with the others...

Gone. It was strange; he could remember the fire happening years ago... but the ache was as fresh as if it had just happened.

He noticed a sheet of paper on the pillowcase beside him, and reached over and read the message  Suki had written: 

The hour is at hand where we must follow different paths. You need to go where you are most needed, for where I am going it will go against the grain of everything you have lived for.
Please, I hope you understand this decision. The chalet needs someone there for guidance, and you are their beacon. And when things shift again (and believe me there is going to be one hell of shift) the flock needs a shepherd.
When all is said and done, hopefully we shall meet and have a coffee or maybe a dance or two.