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Saves Nine

Scorpio caught the keys from the air. "You're letting me drive?" 

Suki smiled and opened the passenger door. Scorpio got in the driver's eat and adjusted the mirrors. "So how did she get your number?"

"Max left them some files. There was a phone-list in them. Apparently mine was the third number on it." 

Scorpio started the car. He wondered who the first two were, and if they had answered, and if they had then what they had said... But he didn't ask. Suki had been in a strange mood since what happened after the niteclub.

She continued. "The files had info on LEGACY operations. These detectives probably know more about your former employers than you do." 

Scorpio pulled out of the motel parking lot. "And they're going to meet up with us then? And then what?"

Suki watched the sky lightening in the distance. "Well, for starters we find out whether you're really onside or have been playing me this whole time..."