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The Kansas City Shuffle

"I can't believe it worked," Max said. He was behind a pillar and smiled like a wolf in a field full of sheep. 

"What did we do?" Simon asked. He was dressed in black, and had painted a pattern on his face. Max had told him to draw something on his face, something that he felt comfortable with. On his forehead he drew a simple picture of a bunny.

Riveta was tearing off strips from a shirt she had taken off, a tank-top on underneath, and was making field bandages. The last time she saw heavy combat was in the Middle East. 

"One day someone is going to sit down and explain it all to me?" she asked as she glanced at both Simon and Max. Today was a day full of surprises for her.

"Suki, Suki, Suki," Max said. "That little minx just saved us from killing a lot of innocent men who were just trying to do their jobs." 

Simon chuckled. They had phased through the city, Suki somehow piloting them with a device that created, from his understanding, a "pocket universe".

To Simon something familiar was going on but he didn't know what it was. He was getting the feeling of deja vu. That's when a hail of bullets started to rain down upon them and began chipping away at the concrete barrier. 

"I think our welcome has been noticed now," Riveta said, as she could hear the uniform movement of feet. "Well, I'm glad we got as far as we did!"

"You know, Max, you sure do know how to have a good time!" Simon said as he fired a few rounds.