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The Uniform

Max strolled through his apartment, naked. As he walked past the table he picked up the cellphone. Beads of water still clung to his body. His thumb danced over the numbers and he brought it up to his ear, continuing to walk to his bedroom. He tossed the towel that was draped over his shoulder onto the hamper. 

Come on, he thought. Pick up already. 

He let the phone ring as he surveyed his closet. He had several t-shirts pressed and hanging from hangers. He selected the neon orange t-shirt with the word DANGER in bold black letters across the chest. He went to the drawer and pulled out boxers and some wool socks. On the floor were a pair of canvas pants with tons of pockets. There was no answer.

"Damnation," he muttered as he turned off the phone. Then he dressed in his uniform of the day.