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Music Soothes Thy Savage Beasts

"We're going to have a whack of trouble in a few short seconds if you don't hurry up," Max said nonchalantly. He was leaning up against a water cooler. Sipping the cool liquid from a plastic cup.

Maggie's fingers were on the tumbler; she was turning the dial with elegant ease. Her eyes closed and her head cocked to one side as if listening to what her fingers were trying to tell her.

Max figured that someone had tripped the silent alarm; he was pretty sure that it wasn't him or Mags that did so. Maybe it was that security guard that had been watching a western on a laptop, when Max had walked up beside him and asked him if it was any good. The security guard had looked startled and Max had cold-cocked him. Max was thinking now, maybe he should have killed him.

"Anytime now," Max said. He crumpled up the plastic cup.

"Just keep your panties on," Mags said. "I'm just about there."

And like magic the lock clicked into place and Maggie turned the handle to open the door. She smiled like a cat in a room full of canaries as she peered inside and found what she was looking for. And old 45 record.