Current Transmissions:


Tea, Sir

"Konnichi wa," the man behind the counter said. He looked toward the door to the shop when the chimes jingled. He saw a young man strolling in and walking through the tables up to the counter.

"Are you The Guardian?" Max decided to be direct. He was tired and had gone through hell and he wasn't in the mood for any games. He fished out a bent coin from his pocket and tossed it on the counter.

The old man nodded and pointed to the counter stool. Max took a seat and a cup of herbal tea was placed before him. The tea's aroma was tantalizing and very tempting.

"How can I help the young dragon?" the old man asked. 

Max took a long sip from his tea and savored the taste. "I was told that there was a young woman in here about three weeks back. She had a cat and a cheerleader with her.".

"Yes," The Guardian said. He placed down the sharp knife and walked over towards Max. "A very fiery one at that."

Max glanced around the tiny shop and then back at the old man. "Not too bad at all. I see that it didn't take too long for the repairs."

The old man chuckled a little and then he waved to Max to join him behind the counter. "I presume that you want to meet up with your friends."

It was Max's turn to nod. "But it can wait til after this tea."