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Drifting Away

It happened to be a beautiful day in the city. Max was sitting on a bench by a fountain, watching the world slowly go by. For the past few days he had been troubled by recent events and just wanted to take some time to adjust.

Skateboarders zipped by, as well as cyclists. Mothers walking their kids. A young girl skipped by with a bubble wand, releasing several into the air.

A bubble drifted pass his line of sight, breaking him out of his current thoughts. The bubble danced in the wind momentarily in front of him, just enough to get his attention before it moved on. Max looked at the bubble and thought of it as it's own tiny universe.

Looking at the bubble as it drifted away, he imagined several universes inside that bubble, billions of stars and the possibility of life in there. The bubble drifted out from his line of sight and Max smiled. 

At any moment he could have been a vengeful god and destroyed that universe. But then he thought that it deserved it's natural course of action, just like this reality.