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Where Do I Begin?

The subway pulled up to the platform and Maggie stepped on. She took a seat away from the others and slipped on the earphones. Delirium was just starting, 'Innocente', and that song brought a smile to her face.

Maggie let the music flow through her, the ipod doing it's duty and making the world her movie. She now knew Max's fascination with music; if you lived your life like a movie, have one killer soundtrack.

The city flowed by like a river after the rain, and she closed her eyes. The past couple of days were a blur, which was literally true, since several reality shifts had occurred and really caught her off guard. One minute you're at a nightclub dancing to the music, the next second your in the middle of zombies who want to tear at your flesh. Though, Maggie thought, that wasn't necessarily much of a difference.

"Penny for your thoughts," the gentlemen said, breaking Maggie from her daydream. She looked at the fellow and smiled. He had gotten on at the last stop and took the seat right across from her. He wore dark sunglasses and Maggie couldn't read his eyes, which meant one of two things.

"Must of been a nice thought," the gentlemen added.

"It was," she lied.