Current Transmissions:


Through Other Eyes I Can See...

In the afternoon he was walking through the park plotting his next revolution, it was fall and the season had fully changed from vibrant to pastel. A revolution of sorts is fun to do, a kind of pick and choose to see what kind of magic could be woven.

Max crested a small hill along the pathway and discovered a little girl sitting alone on at a bench. She was eating a cookie. She had a small carton of chocolate milk beside her.

"Hello Mister," the girl said as Max passed by on the path. "If you run really fast you still can zip ahead in time. Though you already knew that didn't you."

That made Max slow down and he turned to face her.

"My mom doesn't want me to talk to strangers," the little girl said. "But in your case I just had to tell you of your aura and what it has to say to me."

"You perceive auras?" Max questioned her. He stopped a few feet away from the bench and hunched down to catch his breath.

"Yes I do," said the girl. She reached down and brought up a small carton of milk to wash down the solid. "They tell me things and what the person is up to. Like that evil man over there."

Max looked over to where the girl was pointing at and saw an elderly gentlemen sitting at the fountain feeding pigeons. The man had to be in his late 80's.

"He's thinking of nasty ways to kill those birds all the while as he is feeding them nourishment," the little girl said and went back to eating her cookie.

"And you can tell that by looking at him," Max asked. He glanced back at the man. 

"That and the hundreds of dead souls that are hanging around him," she said brightly. "They are calling him a murderer."

"Oh?" Max said. He glanced back at the little girl who had finished one cookie and had taken another cookie out of a wrapper. "What do these souls look like?"

"They are wearing grey and black clothing and they all look like skeletons with skin on them. I am not suppose to know what skeletons are since my mom doesn't want me watching television. She says television is evil and has lots of evil stuff on it."