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*Carry On My Wayward Max*

Time: 5:00pm
Date: October 23, 1977
Place: a NYC Subway Platform

Max felt uneasy each time he walked down the steps to the subway. It seemed like something evil and drastic was going to happen. He really didn't know why he felt this way about it, it could have been a traumatic incident in the past that he had mentally blocked and the residues break through the cracks now and then.

He took the last cigarette from the pack and he crumbled it up and tossed it in the trash bin next to the turnstile. He dropped a token into the slot and slid through the device with a satisfying click. He spotted vending machines ahead and saw the cigarette one. He hoped it had stocked his brand in there, and he was relieved to see that it was. He slide several coins into the machine and heard the coins make their way into the belly of the beast. Then he pulled the lever and like magic his cigarettes where there.

"You know those will eventually kill you," said a young fellow. He was dressed up in a tattered long jacket that was hiding torn jeans and a stained t-shirt. The kid also had a bible tucked underneath his arm.

Great, Max thought. A holy roller.

The kid gave him a wink knowingly.