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After the Fire, After the Pan...

Summer laughed.

Angst couldn't see the amusement in this particular episode, but she figured she would ask Summer about it later. Presuming, of course, that they would come out of this one alive.

Summer was leaning back against a wall rocking back and forth. Angst knew that she would crack in her first combat, but didn't everyone?

"Find a focal point, Summer," Angst ordered. "I need you on this one."

"S..s...sorry," Summer apologized. "I don't know what came over me."

"It happened to me as well," Angst said. She gut crawled over to where Summer was. "I need you to do something for me, only for a few seconds."

"I'll try," Summer responded. 

Angst glanced over to where Frank was lying, he was still moving and that was a good sign. She tried to make a break to him but each time she moved a hail of bullets would rain down around her like an angry god.

"Frank!" she called out.

He didn't respond to her call.

"Hold on," she whispered.