Current Transmissions:


The Pause in Effect...

Goner strolled into the diner to see Angst sitting at a far booth with her back to the door. He noticed Darius was up by the jukebox looking over the selection. 

"It's a brand new day," Goner said as he approached the booth.

"Well duh," Angst said with the icy cold flavour of sarcasm.

Goner looked at her and had an urge to give her a playful cuff to the back of the head, but he thought better of it. The last time he did something on impulse Angst threw him through a window.

"You don't have to be pretty flip about it," Goner said as he slid into the booth and saw a look upon her that she was in serious thought.

"Sorry Gondi," Angst replied. The coffee cup in front of her was full and it looked like it had just sat there for several minutes. "Didn't mean to sound so flip."

"What's up?" Goner asked as he reached over and touched her hand.

"Nothing," Angst said. "Everything."

He reached over with his other hand and grabbed her hand into it. "Is it what we do?"

"No," she replied. "What we do is perfect."

"You're beginning to miss home?"

"No," she said with a slight smile. "That's farther from the truth."

"What's troubling you?" Goner asked. Then he looked over to Darius who was still hovering over the jukebox selection. "Is it the holy roller? You want me to take him out back and thrash him?"

That got her to chuckle and after that she said,

"I'm pregnant."