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Brownstone Blues

"Crap," Rick said. He dropped the control on the carpeted floor and slumped back into the sofa. "That's one hell of a level and we haven't made it to the boss yet!"

"Let's take a break, get some air," I interjected. "Maybe get a couple of suds to help us out."

"Sounds like a plan," Rick said with a sigh. 

"I think Max played this game before since I have overhead him chatting about aspects of it."

So on that note we decided to head out on our task. Get air. Grab some brews and pop in and visit Max.

Max lived in a downtown section of the city in an old brownstone building. Well, the building wasn't brown anymore since it was painted red in colour.

I remember one day Rick and I were sitting around playing some Nintendo and having nothing better to do decided to pay Max a visit.

On the way there we stopped off at the liquor store and picked up a few various bottles of imported alcohol from various parts of the world. We thought we would surprise him.

We climbed the steps up to his humble abode and rapped on the door. Max answered and smiled when he saw that it was us who were at the door.

He stepped back and let us wander in.

"We brought some wobbly," Rick announced, holding up a six pack of various brew. 

"I could use one about now," Max said. He went back to the desk where he was sitting with his laptop. 

I glanced over to see what he was working on and saw Sekret Projekt X on the screen and some images that were indeed blurry. He closed down the lid.

"So what brings you lads over?" Max asked. 

"Our feet," Rick snickered. He had opened up a bottle of Pestel and handed it over toward Max.

"We got tired of battling aliens," I replied. "Figured we give our fingers a break and see what you were up to."

He sat there and gave us a nod and accepted a brew. And gave it a long pull.

"Once we're finished here you should come over and join in on the activity," Rick said. "We are having problems with a LEGACY Cell..."

That's when Max broke out in a chuckle which in the short time I knew him was quite out of character.

"... so you played that one before?" Rick finished with a question. Rick was relieved because we had been trying to get past this level for hours.