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The Falling Shade of Light

"You are really beginning to tick me off," Max growled as he crossed the room and snatched Verdi's collar and lifted him off the ground. 

The little bald headed man didn't seem to be taken aback by this predicament.

"You're too late, Max," Verdi sneered. "You lose. I win."

"It hasn't gone into effect yet, you could shut it down," Max snapped. He brought the man's face close to his and sneered.

"Not likely," Verdi said with an amusing chuckle.

"Call it off," Max barked. "This is your last chance."

Verdi smiled at Max and said, "It's out of my hands."

Max dropped Verdi to the ground like a man who had touched something that was rotted and covered in maggots and he brought up a pistol.

"What, are you going to shoot me now?" Verdi asked. "Kill an unarmed man?"

Max looked Verdi in the eyes and snarled just before he pulled the trigger.