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Dancing Dogs

The nightclub was packed. The beautiful people were on the ground floor, gyrating and grinding to the latest techno-beat from a mana spinner. The magic was high and intense and Max could feel that vibe and he cracked a little smile.

Max stood on the upper tier looking down upon the dancing beast below. His cigarette stuck in his mouth and he was listening to the music, as well. He could spot Suki in the crowd, she was having a really good time.

Max was amazed that the doormen even let her in the establishment in the first place. Since she looked like she should be at the library leafing through reference books for an essay.

"So what's up Max?" Mags asked as she placed a hand gently upon his shoulder.

"Nothing," Max said. "Everything."

"Something eating at you?" Mags asked. She turned his face towards her, and she could read it in his eyes. "Yes there is."

Max let out a sigh.