Current Transmissions:


The Sound of Dreams Clashing

Mags awoke to the sound of someone entering her bedroom window; she slowly reached underneath her bed and unsheathed her katana.

"It's just me, Maggie," Suki said as she slipped into the room like an untrained assassin on her first mission.

"Suki, are you trying to get yourself killed?" Mags asked as she sat up. Mags was naked and covered in sweat. 

"Just seeing if I could do that, is all," Suki said with a sly smile, like a fox who knew a secret way into a hen house. "Besides, we have somewhere important to go and I'm hungry and you're buying."

Mags thought better than to cleave Suki in half, and looked around to find her clothes. 

"Do you mind if I shower first?" Mags asked.

"Well, okay," Suki replied. She was looking around Mags room and studying some of the pictures that were hung about. Nothing to show the personality of Mags, just visual items pleasant to the eyes.

"Did you dream?" Suki asked.

This made Mags pause a second, and thinking about the last few seconds before being awoken and she couldn't remember if she had dreamed or not. She presumed she did but over time just tuned out the visceral images. "No," she said.

Mags got up and stretched and headed to the bathroom. 

"I dreamed I was a marble rolling through an open field," Suki said; she had leaned forward and peered at a picture. "Off in the distance there was this lighthouse. It was an old one and painted like a candy cane. You know the red and white swirl."

"Interesting," Mags called out.

"I wonder if that means anything? I really don't remember my dreams at all, just bits of images, but this one stood clear out when I woke up this morning." Suki stopped by the dresser and looked at a cameo that was there. She picked it up and looked at closely. It was old and beautiful and it looked like it had been through a hundred battles.

"Nice cameo," Suki said. "How long have you had it?"

"It's been with me for a while," Mags replied. "It was gived to me by a special friend."

"Who was he?" 

"Not a he. A she," Mags replied.