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The Ritual of Gates & Portals

Max went into the bathroom and looked down beside the toilet and saw the plunger standing there. He reached down and picked it up. He searched underneath the sink and picked out a few items, glass cleaner, some all purpose cleanser and a tube of toothpaste.

He brought all these items back to the living room window. He placed them down on a coffee table and he took the glass cleaner and sprayed the front window, and he wiped it clean spotless. 

He stuck the plunger against the glass. And then he unscrewed the tube of toothpaste and began drawing a swirling circle around the plunger, all the while muttering several lines from what appeared to be a Chemical Bros song.

Once the tube was rolled up, he tossed that into a waste-paper basket and grabbed the all purpose cleanser. He sprayed it lightly along the shaft of the plunger, meanwhile reciting something that could have been taken from a Fatboy Slim song. 

He took his cellphone from the table and he punched in a series of numbers, as he aimed the antenna towards the centre.

"Come on baby, work," he said. 

His thumb danced over the numbers pad, making a melodic tune over and over again. He stood there for several long minutes, as sweat began to pour from his forehead.

That's when he saw the window begin to go static like an old TV does when it's first turned on.