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The Simplicity of it All

Version Charlie Ten

Simon awoke on his couch. His eyes fluttering open and the tendrils of the dream slipping away into the night. The sandman giveth and the sandman taketh away. 

His TV was on and he hit the volume up a little. His memories were a fog of dreamscape and reality and memories colliding to form a collusive image. 

There was something he should be doing, but he couldn't fathom for the life of him what it was supposed to be. It eluded him as if rationality slipped through his colander of a mind. 

Still, there was something he remembered he should be doing. He got up and stretched and headed into the kitchenette of his small cramped apartment and put the kettle on for tea. 

It should be coffee.  

He didn't like coffee. Never developed a taste for it, but still the urge was there. He shook it off for now. 

He grabbed the green tea from the cupboard and took out a packet of sweetener. 

Sugar. Two sugar. 

Simon stopped and look around, as if it was a voice that told him. 

Have to answer cellphone. 

And before he could finish comprehending that thought, his cellphone chimed. It was set to the theme of Person of Interest.