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Understanding the Nature of Coffee

Status Report on Subject A-443-C

Blog entry of Subject A-443-C.

You ever wake up in a dream? Have you? I think they call it lucid dreaming. Where you awake in your mind and all five senses have kicked in and you can touch, smell, feel, hear and taste everything in that dreamscape. 

It happened to me the other morning. It's strange and wonderful and unique because you know you are dreaming and you just go with the flow. 

There's this waitress I know who works down at Kelly's Diner. She's really nice. Anyway, my dream begins with me sitting in the diner and drinking coffee and eating Rhubarb Pie, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. 

I never liked that pie, but yet here I am in my dream eating it. And I could taste it as well. And it was sweet and good. 

Alice comes over and refills my cup and then she puts down three creamers by it. She then taps the third creamer three times and says: "Try this one it's a kicker." 

So I open it up and it looks like cream and I pour it into my coffee cup and then whammo it stirs around automatically and I can see it inside, and it looks like the Milky Way. So I look up to see Alice at the end and she's chatting with three people at the counter and they are all look over at me and smile and...