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Primal Urge

Version Echo Foxtrot

It was the alcohol talking, that's what she figured. Why else would anybody make up a blatant lie like that. She stood there, arms folded at her chest, and she glared at him with eyes that a snake could love. 

"But sweetie," he said. "It's true. It's the bona fide truth!" 

"That's bona fide bullshit," she snapped back. She had the urge to punch his lights out, but she held back that primal instinct. 


"Don't you dare 'honey' me," she interrupted. Her arms fell down to her side and she clenched her fist. 

She didn't know why something so lame would make her primal urges kick in; she knew that something inside her awoke and that she was about to unleash hell.  

"Baby doll..." he began but never finished as Maggie smashed her fist into his face. And to Maggie that felt exhilarating.