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Version Elephant Tiger

Scorpio scanned the racks, looking for a title he recognized. Harbingers, The Haunted Seven, Macrotech Warriors... He had never heard of any of them. It was making him nervous. He really really wanted to pick up a comic, grab a coffee, and sit and relax for a while. 

At the counter, a customer was talking to the clerk.  

"I saw this really neat looking documentary where these guys dress up as knights and stuff, and they fight, like a game, or a sport I guess-" 

"That's called LARPing," the clerk explained. "Live Action Role Playing. Like Dungeons and Dragons but people actually act it out." 

"Sounds neat... But I think I would have a hard time suspending my disbelief." 

Scorpio frowned, and slipped a hand into the inside pocket of his coat. Felt the cellphone there. Pulled out a piece of paper. Unfolded it. 

Name: Scorpio
Occupation: Special-ops Soldier
Intellect Pool: 3        Physical Pool: 5        Spiritual Pool: 2 
Stamina: 10        Soak: 7        Fate: 3
Vocations: firearms, defensive, rogue

He felt a shiver run up his spine.