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Conflict Resolution

Version Elephant Aardvark 

The sweat was starting to fog his goggles. Flies swarmed around his head. The slightest shift of movement crackled the dry grass. The barren trees gave no shade against the sun. His breath was hot inside the helmet. 

The enemy patrol crept only yards away. Tight formation. Barrels steadily sweeping the brush. The point-man gave the hand signal for a stop. These guys were pros; they must have sensed something was off. 

Scorpio had his orders; wait until the patrol entered the bottleneck. But he knew that things had just become now-or-never. 

Leaping from his cover with a roar, the trigger on his weapon squeezed tight, Scorpio lasted about 4 seconds before he started taking hits and his camo jacket was covered in bright yellow splotches of paint.