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He stood there on the edge of the docks, looking over the water. The sun was setting and casting long dark shadows. The clouds had a reddish-hue to them; by old wives' standards it meant that it was going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. He closed his eyes and stretched his arms out as a cool breeze blew in over the water, comforting him like a long lost old friend.

"Max." A voice interrupted his meditation. He turned to see who it was.

"Hey Gabe," he replied. Gabriel 7 stood three meters from the water.

"What were you doing?" Gabe asked.

"Reflecting," Max replied. He reached for his pack of cigarettes and realized that he had left them on the pub table. "Shit," he said in a whisper.

Gabriel 7 waited til Max approached him before he stepped forward and handed Max his cellphone and smokes. Max cracked a smile and gave Gabe a shot in the arm.

"Now this is the start of a beautiful friendship," Max said.