Current Transmissions:


The Warrior Prepping

Her fingers danced over the computer keyboard like a pair of olympic skaters. Grace in motion. She had called up a web page and found what she was looking for. Her hand touched the monitor and a city map showed up.

A message bubble popped up and she didn't answer it. She wasn't in the mood to do any ambient talking. She pushed herself away from the computer and kissed her hand and placed it on top of the machine.

"If all goes well I may not see you again," she told the computer.

Mags walked through the dark apartment; she didn't need a light on because she knew the place like the back of her hand. She stopped by a jar and flicked it a few times; the insect in there just turned its back towards her and grumbled.

"Come on Mardi, buck up," she told the insect. "Any day now you will be free to do what you please. I just need you were I can see you for now."

Mardi grumbled. He had been imprisoned now for weeks and he didn't much care for it.

"Just squash me and get it over with?" the insect said.

"What? And ruin a beautiful friendship?" Mags said.

Mardi moved to the opposite side of the glass and lay down. Mags took an egg timer and set it for an hour and twenty-two minutes from now. She placed it right beside the glass jar.

"Oh crap, it's going to happen, isn't it?" Mardi said to Mags as she walked away.

She picked up the remote control and aimed it at the home stereo system. A tune came blasting out. Theme music.

She stopped at the poker table; instead of cards there was a massive array of weapons spread out. She picked up the two pistols and began to strap them on.

With the guns holstered she grabbed a knife and attached it to her left leg, then a sleeve of throwing stars onto a belt. Finally, it was the katana. It was in the middle of the table. Mags poured herself a warm liquid from a teapot, held it up towards the blade and took a quick swig from it.

"Time to kick ass," she muttered.