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Subject: In The Subway
Date: September 26th 2008
Tags: Actors

if i were to assign actors to ppl i randomly notice, then this dude standing in the subway would be kinda like:

He was standing next to a girl (probably played by the girl from the live action KiKi's Delivery Service:

She sat on the seat beside the first dude, engaged in conversation with two other guys sitting next to her and a young cowboy chick (maybe she will be:

One of the guys would probably be the king from that movie 13th warrior:

and the other a man played by the guy who was the cool principal from Buffy:

anyways the reason i am writing is i caught a snippet of their strange conversation. you know i heard of geeks like these playing stupid ass roleplaying games well i gather this is just a group of them who do this for real you know... dress up in costumes and playact. 

each time i ride the subway i hook up with these geeks and freaks. can't they really get a life? well anyways the conversation went like this:

13th warrior: well what are we going to do next. sit on this train for a little while to figure out when it's time to get off?

24 guy: something along those lines.

13th warrior: and this is good because?

kiki: we are serving the greater good. we are aligned and comply to the cosmos. where the car stops and opens it's doors is where it wants us to be. i think that this is really exciting.

24: she's correct you know.

principal: oh crap. oh crap. I can see myself on this car for the rest of my life.

dakota: come on and snap out of it or I will bounce you head off the window.

principal: alright. but if i get killed i am coming for you.

dakota: bring it on. (laughs)

kiki: (beaming) isn't this just exciting though?

24: well i think this next stop is ours. 

Anyhow, it seemed like a strange intersection of personalities. I watched them file out into the platform station. that's when i noted that each of them drew out a weapon.