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Subject: Strangers On The Line
Date: This Morning
Tags: subway, strange

I was standing on the subway platform this morning, waiting for the Red Line to pull in and take me to campus. This fellow and this young chick were standing there as well, and I couldn't help overhearing their conversation. The fellow was dressed in a black shirt with writing saying "You Think Your Day Is Shitty?". I noticed the torn jeans and the combat boots. I presumed he had seen combat duty, maybe in Iraq, since he had a few scars about his body and a bit of that stare in his eyes. The young girl was a tween, she was dressed in what looked to be a school uniform and holding a sling-bag.
Their conversation went like this:

Vet: Damn train. Why'd it drop us here? There isn't anything wrong or happening at the moment?
Schoolgirl: Maybe it sensed you needed a break.
Vet: Maybe.
Schoolgirl: You're looking edgy, is there something wrong?
Vet: I really don't know. I just need to find her.
Schoolgirl: Who?
Vet: Maggie.
Schoolgirl: She's the girl you dream about, right?
Vet: Yes. I really need to find her.
Schoolgirl: There's a phone over there. Why don't you use it?
Vet: I don't know if she has a connection.
Schoolgirl: The subway car dropped us here for a reason, didn't it?

And then they sauntered over to the phones. I had half a mind to step within earshot, but then my train was coming in. My first impulse was to step back and catch the next one, but I could see the fellow glancing at me with his soulless eyes, and that sent a shiver down my spine. I stepped onto my train.