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Angst in the Woods

Angst was waiting for the signal. She was itching to get into the fight but had been following Max's orders to the letter. She could hear the sound of gunshots echoing down below, and then the flash of lights. That was her signal to move.

The building below exploded in a fiery ball, as if someone had unleashed the gates of hell. Angst left her post, heading down towards the building; she could spot movement and she fired. 

Bullets zipped past her but she was like a black cat at midnight. She could feel the cough of the uzis in her hands, the vibration giving her a warm feeling. She knew it was a perverse aspect, but she was getting to love combat.

She mowed down minion after minion; she had been told that anyone heading in her direction would be fleeing the scene, and to terminate with extreme prejudice. She made it to the base of the hill and paused at the nightmare before her.

A 13 foot tall minotaur was holding Max up by the throat and saying something to him in a guttural language. Angst shook her head and stepped forward, both uzis firing at the beast.