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The Long Ride Back

Max watched as the city changed subtly; the shift was gradual and it didn't really change all that much. He did notice a few more skyscrapers in the distance.

He was battered, bruised and was really sore. Wrapped in bandages, the wounds had stopped bleeding as soon as he had boarded the car. The conductor of the car, Bishop, had looked worried until he had seen them coming down the stairs towards the train.

The LEGACY building, which should have stood 33 stories tall, wasn't there at all. And that had brought a smile to his face. 

"How you like me now," Max said towards the space where the building should have been standing.

Akimoto was sitting in the back, asleep in an upright position; it was a much deserved rest. While Suki moved around the car trying to keep herself up; she was really tired but she was still full of nervous energy.

Now Max sat with his foot up on the seat, a cigarette dangling from his finger tips. Which drew a few looks from other passengers aboard the car. He paid them no mind; he was, after all, their unofficial saviour who had rescued their way of life more than once.

This is why I do this, he thought.