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excerpt from Mingelina's Journal at Ghostbloggers:

You reduce me to cosmic tears.

That line from Alanis's song So Pure was pretty much on the mark last night. I went to TimeCrawler's; it's a nightclub suited to the Western crowd, playing the high techno dance songs and the like. A little piece of western civilization right here in Kowloon.

While there I bumped Suki. Who I hadn't seen in a long while and she introduced me to Max & Maggie. I had asked Suki what was going on, her folks don't remember her at all, and I thought I was going nuts... In our chat Suki mentioned something about time shifts, realities and coffee shops and a subway car and the like... it was maddening to comprehend, but I guess it was so "Twilight Zone". While Suki was telling me her fantastical tale, I kept my eyes on Max & Mags on the dance floor last night, they were on the floor doing their thing, dancing and then this song comes on and it all fits so perfectly.
In the video Alanis and her partner are dancing through the various styles of dance throughout the modern ages, and for some reason it seemed like Mags & Max were doing just that... sure they were in the nightclub dancing amongst the throngs of bodies on the floor. But, it seemed like they were dancing through the ages (well Maggie maybe because of her hair which seem sentient).

(Mingelina Edit Note: I had something here but when I reviewed it was all jumbled text)

Now, that I have the time to think about it, I must of imagined Suki at the club last night. I really don't know if she exists at all, or just a product of my imagination?