Current Transmissions:


Entering the Blanc Mansion

The trained pulled into the platform. Max could see this was not going to be an easy task; he saw several armed men and guard dogs on duty. For such a secret station it was well protected.

"Trap?" Akimoto asked. He took out his sword and was waiting for the signal from Max. The train was coming to a stop, and the men didn't seem to acknowledge it at all.

"I rightly don't know," said Max; he felt uneasy about this whole situation. "They seem to be on high alert but not doing anything."

"Let me take care of them," Suki said as she noticed the LEGACY logo on the security uniforms. She powered up the Godhammer.

"We wait until they move," Max cautioned. He peered out the window onto the platform again and couldn't believe their luck. 

The train came to a complete stop and the doors didn't open; the half dozen men were still standing there nonchalantly as if the car hadn't approached. The doors didn't open.

They stood by the doors waiting, but nothing occurred. 

"Bishop?" Max called forward. "What's going on?"

"Stealth mode," Bishop replied over the intercom. "You know like a ghost train, fades in and out, something much akin to that. Just say the word and we can fade in and your can do you thing."