Current Transmissions:


> Debashis in Plureality

They were sitting together - one on a computer, the other readjusting the living room. 

"What the hell was that?" 

"It wasn't about hell." 

"Well, it sure scared the hell out of me!!!" 

It felt like a painful rush. More of a surprise, really. Kind of when you're just sitting and a bright piece of lightning sparks the sky and it sorts of hurts your eyes and forces you awake from some kind of "state". But, different from some bolt of lightning, this was FELT by both of them, nothing seen, nothing heard, but FELT. Conjointly. Simultaneously. Concurrently. It came from the inside, and yet from the outside. It was only a short moment that lasted an eternity. And then it was gone. It was, at once, exciting and shocking and painful. 

"Ah, you're scared of everything." 

"Well, if you saw it too, then....Hey! Why didn't you get scared?!" 

"I did, for a bit....but it's over now." 

"So, what was it?" 

They both thought about this. What was it, indeed? What was IT? What WAS it? Was IT going to come back? Some random cosmic string fragment that passed through them both? Did it rupture some romantic (and stupid) version of "stability" within them? If they both had felt it, but neither could see it, was it even real? 

"Maybe we felt nothing?" This was asked more as a hopeful way of trying to deny it ever happened. Denial? Forget? Let it go? But how? They could minimize what happened, make it go away, make it small, or they could "talk" about it. Who truly cares? 

"We gotta talk about this!!!" 

"Let it go. It was just a moment kind of thing." 

"But, I'm still jolted." 

"Isn't that the name of some kind of energy drink? 

"You're not taking me seriously." 

"You're taking yourself too seriously." 

"But we BOTH felt it." 

"Big deal." Big deal. Well it was, indeed, big. But in a small way. 

"I really need you to listen to me." 

"Can I do it while rolling my eyes?" 

So they talked about whatever had happened. They talked about the feeling, the experience, the jolt , the idea that they both "felt" it. Was it some kind of religious thing? Something metaphysical? Something about energy? Whatever it was, they agreed that it was huge, that it passed through them. They could only refer to it as a bolt of lightning that was inside them both and left them instantly. 

"Maybe existing means more than you and me." 

"Maybe being means more than existing." 

"Well, one of us has gotta move that couch, there's some big-ass dust bunnies that we gotta clean up." 

"Ok, let's kill the dust bunnies."