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A Day at the Track

"You again?" Danny Leung said as he spotted the spiky-haired avenger.

Max turned and saw Danny approach him; he flashed him a toothy smile and stuck out a hand. It had been a few months since he and Danny took in a hostile activity.

"Long time no see," Max said as Danny took his arm and gave it a friendly shake, as well as a hug and a slap on the back.

"Is there going to be trouble here?" Danny asked, glancing around the race-track. He had come to have a day at the races. "I'm on my own time."

"Was in town and thought I'd take in some track activity," Max replied. He was waiting in line for the ticket; he was placing a huge bet on a horse called Dreamer's United.

Suki was sipping a cola as she approached Max. She looked up at Danny and nodded at him.

"What's the scoop?" Max asked Suki.

"I told the horses it was my birthday," she said. "And that I was planning on betting on Dreamer's United."

Danny couldn't tell if she was joking or not; ever since the incident in the Golden Taurus he wasn't sure about what reality is or was anymore. But ever since that day he always wore his pieces; just in case trouble was brewing.

"Suki!" Max scolded her. "How many times I have I warned you not to be doing things to sway the natural balance of right or wrong?"

Suki gave him a wink and slurped the soda.