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Tracks in the Rain

Simon Light turned in the swivel chair to look at his superior. Simon was an Arcana 16 Rank Psychic. He had recently undergone his Tower Ordeal and was being briefed on the mission that would earn him his Star, a prestigious feat for a LEGACY Agent. 

“There’s something I’m not sure about…” 

“Yes Simon?” 

“I’ve been studying the files we have on the target’s recent activities in the Plex… Theory Division is speculating that there’s been an overall increase in Continuity and a corresponding decrease in Liminality in the target’s experiences…” 

“There seems to be,” replied his superior. “More stable recall between shifts, recurrence of allies, that sort of thing.” 

“If it’s accurate, shouldn’t we maybe hold off for a while, and let Cube be subsumed by the Status Quo? Wouldn’t it be easier to take him out then?”

The Professor smirked under his bushy mustache. “Agent Light, leave the questions about Continuity to Theory. You just keep trying to figure out a way to read Cube’s mind.”