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In Murky Waters

Before he even reacted the creature clamped its teeth around Max's leg and jerked him into the water. He didn't even get a chance to shout out before the water was over him like a blanket on a very cold day. 

Max could feel the creature's incredible power, flailing him around like a kite in a strong wind, dragging him away from the shore and into the heart of the river. He struggled to hold his breath, but he knew that was next to impossible.

He managed to get his fingers onto a butt of one of his guns, but the creature twisted him around, making him lose his grip. The .45 slipped from his fingers and into the murky water. 

Max knew that he had precious moments to spare and that his time would come to an end if he couldn't get from of the creature's power grip. He could feel the teeth serrate his leg. 

This is so stupid, he thought. He banked on the hope that someone at camp heard and saw what happened.