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The Snake Moon

Suki sat on the seat reading the latest adventures of a group of mutants who were at a special school due to their gifts. She enjoyed reading since it helped pass the time between here and there. Depending on where there was and how long it took to get there, she would indulge in a trivial form of reading. 

Her attention was focused on the sound bubble of each page, reading the story that unfolded. Drawing her in deeper and deeper into the continued story arc.

She was just getting to a good part when she flipped the page and the story arc was To be continued... and that irked her to no end. She picked up a sharpie and turned to the front cover and wrote down the date and a few numbers on the upper left corner. 

"You know that devalues the price," Goner commented.

"Well duh," she shot back. 

"Then why are you doing it?" he inquired.

"Just in case the next shift doesn't carry over this copy," she replied matter-of-factly. "I know that if ever I get back to this shift or a version similar to it that has this line of comic I can pick up where I left off."