Current Transmissions:


Across the Uniplex...

It was the sound of thunder that woke Max. His eyes opened as nature's freight train rattled the windows. He heard the rain fall hard against the pane, a violent love affair streaking down the glass.

"Saigon. Shit, I am still in Saigon," he muttered to himself and then chuckled.

He got up and stretched and headed out of his bedroom and down into the kitchen. He opened his fridge and saw a solitary beer bottle; it was a sign and he took it. Twisting the cap and flicking it onto the counter, he took a long pull and went to his laptop.

He lifted the lid and the screen began to glow its radiant glow once again. As soon as the operating system kicked in he received a message

Magnum: Hi QT! I've been waiting for u.

Max smiled and than proceed to type:

CubeSquared: Morning.
Magnum: This is freaky isn't it?
CubeSquared: That it is. This has to be a first.
Magnum: It could be. But then again we could have done this before and a shift wiped any memories of ever doing this. :P

She had a point there. But this shift was kind of different since it had shattered the team into different realities, but everyone was still connected via the internet.