Current Transmissions:


The Lesson

I, Mar Hallow, Librarian of Past Futures Division do hereby acknowledge this entry to be significant data. It is at the request of the council that I dictate this; 

Scanning through the past, I have noticed seismic ripples which have occurred in the latter part of the 20th Century, notable from Tangent Vector Region and washing out to many other lines. Not just contaminating one or two other lines, but by my calculations if they are correct, about a million. And it's infectious as well, spreading like a viral intruder.

It's my civic duty to chronicle these ripples in the water of time and to see what is causing these disturbances. Since the human civilization at that time didn't have the means to slip in and out of other linear tracks, it has been a great concern of the council to understand what the cause was of these effects. 

I am sending a research team into the prime infectious regions to collect data and transmission, trying to locate the true source.