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Come What May

Max just wanted to have a cup of coffee and a smoke; he didn't want to get into fight, but damned if he was just going to sit and let something like this go unchecked. 

"Oh look the old timer is getting upset," Hood said mockingly. "What's the matter old man? You want me to get off your lawn?"

Hood had turned back to give a wink back at his other two buddies, which gave Max the second he needed. His hand reached up and grabbed Hood's earring and tore it from its once secured place. 

Hood screamed out in pain. Max stepped forward and brought up his right hand and connected with Hood's jaw, sending him spinning around like a lopsided top.

Hood's two young friends started to come forward but stopped dead in their tracks. 

Kelly, the waitress, had appeared over the counter holding onto an axe handle and told them point blankly, "I would turn around and walk out that door now."

Hood staggered away from Max, giving Kelly the evil eye as he passed her. He made a detour around her as he did so. 

"You want another mug, Max?" Kelly asked of Max as the door closed and the thugs ran off.

"I would like another cup if you don't mind," Max said as he took out his cellphone and hit a speed dial number; he knew well enough by now that those bangers would be back in full force. It was time to fight fire with fire.