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Section 13, Paragraph 11A, Line 14

President Mallory Morphus smiled as she stood up from behind her desk and walked over to sit on the chair beside him. It was a move designed to impose. "I guess you are wondering why I summoned you here."

"I was beginning to wonder, Madam President," Max replied. He showed his cool, calm ease. Much akin to a superspy facing a superior. He had faced many dangers on many worlds, and he was hardened from it.

The President had seen fit to call Max from one of his many tasks of trying to correct some of the rippling mistakes that have occurred. But, Max knew this was going to be a first contact meeting, for all she knew was that Max was sort of a "dirty tricks" man.

President Morphus was impressed that this fellow didn't flinch or seem to be bothered by her presence at all. She leaned forward, violating his airspace but he didn't seem to budge.

"Mr. Cube, I summoned you here for a reason," she said with an air of command and confidence.

"And that reason is?" Max asked with a pique of interest.

"After reading through your file I've decided that I'm invoking Section 13, Paragraph 11A, Line 14 of the Patriotic Contract that you signed," she told him.

Max's jaw dropped; here he was a hero of the nation who fought off several alien hordes of the invading Taglidites at Bunker Square, he thought nothing could faze him at this point of time... "I'm being Traded?"