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From A Jack To A King

Izzard smiled. He always smiled when he knew something the others didn't. It made him cocky that way. 

"What is it?" Aqua questioned. She leaned forward on the table to eye the device more clearly. "Is it a clock of some sort?"

The device was in the shape of an alarm clock, with gears on the outside rotating round and round. It looked like some high school kid's perpetual motion machine project. 

Dexter eyed Izzard carefully, reading his body movements. Gestures and facial expressions. They were entrenched skills he had developed over the years he had served on the NYPD. He wasn't sure that he really trusted that bum in the first place.

"Be careful," Dexter warned. "For all we know it could be an explosive of some kind." 

That made Izzard's smile grow more. Dexter hefted his bat up to have it ready to send that mechanical device flying.

Aqua touched the object and it seemed to shiver. Her eyes opened up in surprise. "It's alive."