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The Universes In My Coffee Cup
"You shouldn't be here," Suki said to Scorpio in a matter-of-fact tone. Scorpio could tell by her voice that she wasn't being smug; it sounded more like a teacher to a pupil. 

Scorpio looked at the woman and smiled; it was the first time it felt genuine. "I have no other options left. You made sure of that."

"No, you SHOULDN'T be here," Suki emphasized as she placed her coffee cup down on the table. The roadside diner was nearly empty at this time of the morning, except for a trio of truckers sitting at the counter and a young couple sitting a few booths down. 

"What do you mean?" Scorpio questioned. He hadn't touched his coffee; it sat in front of him black and cold. He couldn't drink anything since his mind was racing over the past few days. However now his curiousity was piqued about what she was going to say.

"First answer a question. And then I will explain it to you," Suki replied. She had taken the sugar packages and some creamers from the bowl at the far side of the table and placed them beside Scorpio's untouched coffee. "What do you remember of your life?"

Images and memories of his past came popping through his mind. As if a switch had gone on in a theatre and the movie began to roll. He remembered growing up an orphan, going from foster home to foster home. He remembered his first kiss with Jenny McRae underneath a huge oak tree in a park. He remembered while in college he was approached by a man in a black suit and how he joined the LEGACY fold. He also remembered his first kill, a middle-aged woman who was supposed to be responsible for the loss of many lives. He shook the last image away like someone brushing dirt off a jacket. "Standard stuff, why?" 

"Look at this coffee cup," Suki said as she pointed at Scorpio's untouched coffee. "Imagine this to be a version of reality; better yet your version of reality as you see it."

Scorpio nodded. Because, after all, it was just coffee. 

Suki brought up a sugar packet and tore one end and held it before her. "Now think of each of these individual crystals inside this packet as variables. And when added to this reality here, it changes."

She poured the contents of the packet slowly into the cup, making sure that Scorpio was watching the sugar dissolve as it sank into the depths of the dark liquid. 

"That reality is different now. It became different when we added variables. Instead of a dark bitter world, we now have a little flavour," she said with a slight smile. Scorpio watched with interest. "These variables change when added into the fold; it changes the world but you can't see it. It changes everything, but still it's unseen."

She placed the empty packet down and brought up the cream and she added just a tiny drop. "Now think of this as Max. See what happens to the coffee. It changes. It's not dark anymore but has gained a speck of colour. And watch what happens when more is added. So this reality changes. 

"A dark unseasoned version, spiced up with variables and changed by an introduction of another element to change it completely," Suki said.

"And?" Scorpio asked. 

"Just think of yourself as a variable, changed by the introduction of an element," Suki told him.