Current Transmissions:




"Thank you for meeting with me, Agent Light," Greg Logollos said, taking a seat across from the young man. He looked crisp and clean in his expensive three-piece suit. At the tables surrounding them other patrons of the Azure restaurant carried on their own quiet conversations. A background whisper of deals and bargains and secrets.

Simon tapped a key on his PDA, opening a file to take notes. "You have some information regarding a current investigation?" 

Greg poured a cup of coffee from the urn on the table and offered it to Simon.

"No thank you. I don't drink coffee." 

Greg smiled. "No, of course not. But yes, we do feel we can be helpful in certain matters, yes." Something about the man's smooth tone made Simon miss the gruff detectives from the other day. "LEGACY has always enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with all of the agencies such as yours. What is the current slang? The Alphabet crews? We've worked with the FBI, CIA, CSIS, NSA, DEA, MI6-"

"I understand, Mr. Logollos. Please, I don't have a lot of time." Things hadn't quieted down since he was first tapped to check out some potential terrorist activity. The diner, the building downtown - some sort of makeshift hostel based on the remains - both burnt down. The mutilated bodies, complete with a small arsenal of cutting-edge gear, splattered inside the warehouse. The body of Lon Lugerelli, killed execution-style. The appearance of the Fujimoria woman, taken off their watch-lists over five years ago when she was reported dead. The body of Aaron Quipton, found in an apartment along with signs of a kidnapping, killed by an as-yet-unidentified energy weapon. The action-movie-car-chase-gunfight on the interstate four days ago. A strange and violent set of tracks that Simon was trying to follow to whatever beast was stalking his territory. 

Greg nodded. "Indeed. Agent Light, you're aware of the recent incident at our research facility. We believe it is directly connected to your current pursuit of Ms. Suki Fujimoria for questioning in a number of deaths and incidents of arson."

Simon arched an eyebrow. "Connected how?" 

"In a number of ways, possibly. Most importantly, we believe that she is currently trying to locate the man who is the cause of all the recent... chaos."

"That's a man I would be interested in meeting. What's your interest? This person was somehow responsible for the damage to your facility?" 

Greg nodded. He sipped his own coffee. For a moment he stared at the liquid in the cup. "Our principle concern is this man's recent attempts to sabotage an ongoing experiment being conducted by LEGACY. An act of corporate espionage, if you will."

"Who is he?" 

"His name is Max Cube."

Simon shrugged. "Should I know the name?" 

Greg studied the agent for a moment. "I thought you might."

"We'll need everything you have on him, of course," Simon said, tapping his PDA. 

"Of course," Greg nodded. "I am pleased to be able to inform you that we have a lead on the Fujimoria woman."


Greg leaned in closer and explained to Simon that an employee of LEGACY was currently being held hostage by Fujimoria, and that by using some classified satellite technology and an employee genetic-tagging system, they were in the process of locating them.

Greg smiled. "We'll have coordinates for you within 24 hours."